8 Levels of Awareness Meditation, Technique 1: Breath Awareness

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What's the relationship between ping pong and meditation?

And what makes intelligent meditation, well, intelligent?

You can listen to guided meditations everyday and never learn to meditate.

You can learn specific meditation techniques and understand what their purpose is.

If you ever feel confused about the underlying principles behind intelligent meditation, read on.

For thousands of years, yogis have been retreating into nature where they chose to live with radical self reliance. Working toward the ultimate goal - Boundless Bliss. Or the realization of our Divine Wholeness.

We don't need to retreat into the mountains to experience Boundless Bliss. 

Realizing our Divine Wholeness is an inner experience. And whether in the mountains or on our bedroom floor, there is a learnable, scientific process, that can help you improve your life with meditation. It starts with breath awareness.

What is breath awareness?

Breath awareness is a game of concentration.

Think about breath awareness as a process that you can use to gamify your breath.

Imagine, it's like playing ping pong with yourself. When the ball drops - you just pick it up and keep playing. The game doesn't end. The more you play, the better your concentration skills become.

But imagine that a young child is just learning to play ping pong now, and, no one told them, if they just work on concentrating fully on the ball then eventually they'll start to get into a meditative state and love it.

Since no one told them to just keep practicing everyday, and work to concentrate fully on the ball, they stopped playing. And they never learned to get into a meditative state.

But now someone, a seer, sees what went wrong, and shares words of wisdom: "concentrate fully on the ball. Practice everyday. If your mind wanders, simply bring it back to concentrating on the ball. And remember - it's a game!"

And if you think the ping pong analogy has anything to do with breath awareness, you're right.

The more you concentrate on the ball, the better your concentration becomes, the more you enjoy the game, the better your concentration becomes, the more you enjoy the game...you get the point. This is what we call a virtuous cycle.

You can re-read the above section and replace 'the ball' with 'your breath.'

Breath awareness is a technique where you simply witness your breath, with undivided attention, flowing in and out. It is the gateway into the 8 Levels of Awareness. Yet, by itself, without any other techniques - it helps you in all parts of life.

Why is breath awareness essential?

A lot of people think they don't have time to sit and witness their breath with undivided attention.

Well, what if you can unlock more time by enhancing your concentration skills?

Concentration is power.

And what if you can measurably improve your life by learning a set of meditation techniques?

You can. The 8 Levels of Awareness is a set of meditation techniques that starts with breath awareness, because playing with introspective concentration is essential to learning meditation techniques that measurably improve your life.

When the attention of the mind-stuff is directed in a single stream to a chosen field, without being dissipated and thus distracted – that is concentration. When the cognition is entirely concentrated in that field thus becoming its own field of observation – that is, when the observer is observed – it is meditation. ~Yoga Sutras

Breath awareness helps you hone your concentration skills, and prepares you for more advanced meditation techniques.

Just remember the words of wisdom that the seer shares: "concentrate fully on the ball. Practice everyday. If your mind wanders, simply bring it back to concentrating on the ball. And remember - it's a game!"

Make concentration fun again!

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