How learning 8 levels of awareness helps you meditate intelligently.

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346% growth over 5 years.

That's the percent increase of adults in the US practicing meditation - from 4.1% in 2012 to 14.2% in 2017. Which is great - more people empowering themselves with healthy habits. Onwards and upwards we go 📈

But wait. There's an important story that this statistic overlooks 📉

Most people who start meditation end up stopping.

Imagine this: the healthy habit of meditation is like a bicycle 🚲 and lots of bicycles are being sold with training wheels that aren't designed to come off. So people stop using the bicycles 🚳 well in this case, they stop meditating.

When asked why they stop:

85% of people say, either: 'I don't know how,' 'I don't believe it's beneficial,' or 'I don't have enough time.'

Which makes sense. If you didn't know how to ride bicycles, and someone trained you to use bicycles with training wheels, which weren't designed to come off, there are 3 things that would probably happen. You probably wouldn't learn how to ride bicycles, you'd think it's not beneficial to ride bicycles, and you wouldn't make time to ride bicycles.

You can take off the training wheels.

But, how?

And anyway, the metaphorical bike in this story is meditation – what are the metaphorical training wheels?

Listening to guided meditations. They can help, no doubt, like training wheels. But to get the most out of meditation, you need to take the training wheels off. Just learn a number of techniques, and you're set for life.

Most people who meditate agree on a few things.

Meditation helps us:
- Reduce stress and anxiety.
- Improve concentration and memory.
- Improve performance at work and/or school.

The list goes on. And I can tell you from my experience, intelligent daily meditation practice has also helped me raise my baseline emotional state from anxiety to appreciation. But I can also tell you from my experience...

It took thousands of days for me to learn and implement the principles of daily intelligent meditation. Trial, error, and perseverance were 3 essential keys. It doesn't need to take you thousands of days, though.

With the right training, you can get into intelligent daily meditation practice - like riding a bike.

How to take the training wheels off?

Learn 8 levels of awareness. It's a system for intelligent meditation training.

Each level helps us deepen introspective concentration, and develop greater self awareness.

  1. Breath awareness
  2. Body awareness
  3. Thought awareness
  4. Emotional awareness
  5. Energy awareness
  6. Joyful vision awareness
  7. Appreciative awareness
  8. Transcendent awareness

8 levels of awareness: 8 techniques you can use for life.

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