Why most people fail to stick with daily meditation, and what can help you succeed.

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27 minutes x 56 days.

In 8 weeks you can improve the structure of your brain. Yet most people who start to meditate, don't.

Those numbers come from the neuroscientist, Dr. Sara Lazar's studies on mindfulness meditation.

According to Dr. Lazar:

“We found long-term meditators have an increased amount of gray matter in the insula and sensory regions, the auditory and sensory cortex.... We also found they had more gray matter in the frontal cortex, which is associated with working memory and executive decision making.”

In other words, long term meditators gain enhanced sensory function, working memory, and executive decision making.

Would you invest 27 minutes per day to enhance your senses, memory, and decision making? I'll bet you would.

But only if you knew how to make the best use of that precious time in meditation.

There are 3 primary reasons why people report that they don't meditate.

#1: 'I don't know how.'
#2: 'I don't have time.'
#3: 'I don't believe it's beneficial.'

Let's group all 3 reasons into the same bucket: if you don't meditate, you probably don't know how to optimize your time in meditation to gain the benefits that make the practice intrinsically motivating.

The good news is that you can get training to make the best use of that precious time in meditation.

And it's worth it. Compare that list of why people don't meditate, with why people do meditate:

#1: Reduce stress and anxiety
#2: Improve concentration and memory
#3: Better performance at work and/or school

In other words: meditation improves your quality of life.

Sometimes, it's just hard to make time to meditate everyday, and it's easy to get disconnected from the bigger picture. Right?

For years, I tried meditation on and off and it took ~8 years to stick as a long-term daily practice. Why? I didn't know how to optimize my time in meditation to gain the benefits that made the practice intrinsically motivating.

While there's a surge in demand for meditation training, the truth is, the supply of meditation training is failing to help people unlock the benefits of daily meditation practice. 54% of people who don't meditate have tried it in the past.

This is why, starting November 1, 2020, we are offering advanced meditation training on Serenity Portal.

Our advanced training is designed to help you meditate everyday and stay connected with the bigger picture.

Meditation apps are rising - but are the apps on the market effective?

Getting trained to listen to guided meditations is like getting trained to ride a bike with training wheels.

Training wheels can help you get started.

But if you want to unlock all the benefits of riding a bike, you'll need to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels.

Listening to guided meditations can be calming, just like riding a bike with training wheels.

But will it unlock new levels of freedom and quality of life? Or will you get bored and stop riding the bike?

What unlocks unprecedented levels of freedom and quality of life?

What really moves the needle?

Getting trained in the science of meditation. Learning what's going on behind the scenes.

Will listening to guided meditations here and there change the structure of your brain?

Maybe. I haven't found the data to support either side of that argument.

But I can tell you that once you learn the science behind intelligent meditation, you'll feel intrinsically motivated to practice daily. You'll unlock unprecedented levels of freedom and quality of life. And you'll transform.

What is the key to eliminate the unessentials and make time for meditation?

Give yourself at least 8 weeks to focus on training your brain.

Learn the fundamentals - study the science of meditation - get guidance when you need it.

Prioritize meditation as an essential life skill, a necessary daily practice, and allow the transformation.

Transformational Meditation Training

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